so they can reach more people and change more lives

Spend more on ministry, not marketing

People in your community depend on your ministry, your time, and your energy. You shouldn’t have to spend them on…


Managing Websites


Designing Promotional Material


Posting on Social Media


Keeping Up on Marketing Trends

Reclaim Resources

When you’re not stretching your budget, time, and people thin, you can focus your resources on what truly matters: people.

Reach More People

Ministry changes lives. We’ll let your community know how you’ll change their lives so they want to engage.

Grow your Church

When your message is communicated clearly and your ministries are strong your church will GROW!

Here’s How it Works

Schedule a Call

We’ll take a look at different ways we can help you more effectively communicate both internally and in your community.

Develop a Plan

We’ll come up with a plan to communicate your message and ministries clearly to your community in a way that connects.

Get Back to Ministry

Now that your church communications are well managed, you can get back to what you do best, ministry.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I have worked with Garrison Communications as an associate pastor in Carmel, IN and now as a lead pastor of a new church in Bargersville, IN. In both settings, Garrison has helped us refine or craft a clear message and implement it on our websites, emails, social media, and other marketing material. Their greatest strength is their care for people and passion for organizations who serve people. This is why Garrison works with clients in a very personal way.

Ross Stackhouse

Lead Pastor, HeavenEarth Church

Joe Garrison has been our communications person for over two years and we are very well pleased with his work. Joe is personable and responsive. I would definitely recommend Joe for your organization’s communication needs.

Rev. Brian White

Lead Pastor, St. Mark's UMC

Communicate better without spending more

Most churches struggle to effectively communicate the life-changing ministry that is emanating from within the walls of their church. Many ministry leaders don’t have the time or the skillset to keep up with the constantly changing world of digital communications. They spend too much time trying to do things someone else could do quicker and more effectively.

You shouldn’t have to spend time on church communications. You should be focused on ministry.

Pastors in churches around the country are expected to be experts in basically everything. From the Bible and theology to finance, leadership, fundraising, facility management, psychology and of course, communications.

You just don’t have time to do it all. No one can do all that is expected of pastors, and do it all well.

Take church communications off your plate and get back to the ministry you were called to do!

We believe pastors and ministry leaders should be able to focus on preaching, teaching, and relational ministry. Your people are better when you can focus on what God has called you to do. In order to do that, you need someone else to handle your church communications.


Web Design & Management


Social Media Management


Branding (Logo Design)


Print Design


Digital Marketing


Event Photography


Communications Consulting


Sermon Podcasting

We want to take all of this off your plate. Don’t spend another minute stressing about how to promote your next ministry, sermon series, or event. We’ll take care of it!

Schedule a call today and let’s talk about how Garrison Communications can help your church spend less money, reach more people, and change more lives through effective and clear church communications.

We want to help you make a lasting impact in your community and grow the Kingdom of God.

Let’s get started!

Joe Garrison
Owner | Garrison Communications, LLC

Choose a plan that works for you

Both plans include design, hosting, and management of a brand new church website. No expensive upfront design fees. Just longterm quality communications support.


One flat monthly fee for everything you need.

Take advantage of all the services we offer without any of the extra costs of hiring an in-house staff person. See your church grow through longterm consistent church communications strategies while putting your focus on ministry.


Web & Social Media

A flat monthly fee for your digital needs

Your website and social media presence are the front door to your church. Engage visitors on social media and lead them toward connection through your church website. We’ll build your site and manage everything for you!