Clear Communication
Facilitates Effective Ministry

After 5 years of full-time ministry in the local church, I learned that the best way to grow a ministry is to communicate clearly.

Joe Garrison

Joe Garrison

Owner | Garrison Communications

My name is Joe Garrison. I started Garrison Communications in 2017 to help small churches clarify their message and better communicate with the communities they serve so they can reach more people and change more lives.

In 2008, I graduated from Taylor University with a degree in Biblical Literature. A year later I joined the staff at Castleton United Methodist Church. In 5 years, I helped lead a growing student ministry, directed contemporary worship, led the young adult ministry, helped with communications and I.T., sat on several committees and had my first child. It was exhausting. I loved it.

Through it all, I fell in love with the local church and found a vision for helping it succeed.

Do the ministry you’ve always dreamed about.
I’ll help you get the word out!

When you went into ministry you had a call and a vision. You saw yourself meeting people over coffee and meals, deep life discussions, leading people to Jesus, preaching great sermons, the list goes on.

Fast forward to present day. Turns out, it takes a lot longer to write those sermons than you thought. Managing the “business” of the church has just gotten out of hand. Not to mention ALL those meetings…meetings on top of meetings.

After all is said and done, you have nothing left in the tank to do the relational life-changing ministry you dreamed about in the beginning.


You forgot…you need to promote that new sermon series you just spent all that time writing. You need sermon graphics, updates on the website, social media, bulletins, promotional emails sent…


When are you ever going to find time to do actual ministry?


I believe VERY strongly in two things….

1. Effective communication facilitates great ministry.
2. Our communities are stronger in every way when small churches are healthy and effective.

I (Joe) have been in your seat…well, close to it. I was a youth director and worship leader at a United Methodist Church for five years. I’ve lived the day to day struggle of managing a large ministry (and working multiple staff positions at once) with doing real day-to-day ministry.

It’s back-breaking!

Over those five years, I learned that the more efficiently we communicated, and the more consistently we did it, the stronger the ministry was and the more it grew.

That is just the start of it!

The key was not only communicating effectively and efficiently but constantly adapting how we communicated to reach families in ways that were meaningful to them.

So why not just go get a job at another church as a communications manager?

Sure, I could have done that. Instead, I launched my own church communications business to help many local churches.

I don’t want to help just one big church communicate more effectively. I want to help a lot of small churches communicate effectively and better reach their communities (because of belief #2).

I care about small churches. After God called me away from my job in youth ministry my family spent 7 months touring local churches of all sizes and denominations. Sure, the megachurches had perks that drew our eye. It was the small churches that drew our heart.

Instant family.

That’s where small churches find their strength. It doesn’t take a lot of resources (maybe just some training) to make someone feel instantly welcome and a part of something special. However, they have to know you exist first.

I will work with your church to custom build a communications package that offers what you need at a price that fits your budget.

Let me know how I can help your church communicate more effectively and better reach your community. Garrison Communications offers a wide range of services that can help your church achieve its mission and vision.

Fill out the form below and let’s start a conversation about how Garrison Communications can take your church’s ministry to the next level! I look forward to hearing from you and dreaming with you!

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