Pastors and ministry leaders shouldn’t be spending their precious time managing websites and social media. You should be doing ministry and changing lives.

Dear Small-Church Pastor,


Take a minute and do something for me. Think about your current ministry. How’s it going?

Well for some of you? Not so much for others?

Are you spending as much time as you’d like preaching and teaching? What about time one on one with people or in small groups?

Chances are, you’re not spending as much time as you’d like, or need, doing actual ministry. Other things take too much of your time.

The administrative side of ministry can be overwhelming. There’s the meetings…so many meetings! Then, when you actually have time to plan and execute great ministries, you have to spend way too much time working to get the word out.

By the time that sermon series comes up, or that new community program, you’re out of energy and fewer people showed up than expected.


What if there was a better way?

We think pastors and ministry leaders should be doing ministry. As much of it as humanly possible. You should be meeting with people in your congregation and your community. Praying with people, listening, caring, and leading. You should be spending your time finding ways to minister to new people who need the Gospel message deeply.

You should not be spending your time trying to figure out how to update your website or stressing over how and when to share things on social media. Even if those skills come naturally to you, your focus should be on ministry, not marketing.


Let us Help You Reach More People.

We work with small churches to help them reach more people and change more lives. Our goal is to allow you to focus on ministry while we take that ministry and broadcast it to your community.

We’ll manage your website and social media as well as produce marketing material and email campaigns that will draw new people to your church and it’s ministries.

We’ll be there through every step of the process as a communications consultant in the planning phases of ministries and programs. Then, when it’s time to get the word out, we’ll develop marketing material to reach more people both through print and online marketing.

We’ll help you target the people who will benefit most from your ministries and help them understand why they need what you are offering.


Ineffective Church Marketing

Too often our church marketing efforts turn into some variation of, “Join us on Sunday as Pastor John preaches a powerful message.” We fail to explain what is powerful about that message and how someone might expect to be impacted by it if they choose to attend.

You’ve seen it in many places, whether that was social media posts from churches or mailers for holiday services.

We’ll help your community understand how your ministries will impact and improve their lives. When people truly understand the positive impact your ministries will have on their lives they will be motivated to participate.

We want to help you reach more people. You just need to do one thing: plan and execute great ministry!

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